María Pérez-Ortiz

Computer Scientist

I am a researcher in computer science with a passion for machine learning and sustainability applications. At the moment I am a postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow at the AI Centre at University College London (UK) and a Teaching Fellow at Cambridge Spark.

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Who am I?

I am a researcher in artificial intelligence, with an interest in the societal and environmental impact of technology. A large part of my applied research is on biomedicine, education and environmental sustainability applications. For more info on this check my Google Scholar or write me an email. I am also a health coach and love all things fitness and nutrition.

Overall I'm a statistically rare mix of science, tech and literature trying to embrace my juxtapositions. Recently this has crystallised in a blog named The AI has gone bananas where I write free verse poems at the intersection of artificial intelligence, social issues and environmental sustainability.

Italian Trulli

I am also working with some colleagues on a meetup in London to build a creative and collaborative space to combine world-building techniques with design fiction to discover unseen potential futures. Join us to speculatively build prototypes of possible tomorrows, represent worlds and understand the implications of our potential futures. Check more on this at Brave New Tomorrows.