Research lines

Below I summarise the research lines in which I am currently working. Since my research and teaching are very interlinked these are also the topics that I am currently lecturing on. If you work on similar topics feel free to reach out and say hi! If you are a student at UCL interested in these please let me know, I may have projects related to them.

Responsible AI

Responsible AI covers many topics, such as transparency, ethics, accountability, privacy, fairness and human-AI interaction. Recently I am working on estimating and governing reliably the performance of ML models. See my latest work on this line here.

Sustainability Challenges

Part of my work revolves around creating predictive models for solving real world global challenges. In the past I have worked on biomedicine, agriculture, climate change, neuroscience and education challenges. See my latest work on this line here.

Simulation Intelligence for Policy Making

I am interested in how to pair simulations with AI to discover and craft potential sustainable paths or trajectories that could inform public health as well as environmental regulations and strategies. See my latest work on this line here.

Critical Studies of AI

This line focuses on reflective assessment and critique of AI, with the objective of revealing potential risks and maluses. It shows the importance of engaging with problems in ways that put social and political concerns at the epicenter. See my latest work on this line here.